Buckwhips Jubilant About New Addition to the Band


In what is possibly the biggest revelation in careers of The Lonesome Buckwhips, Miri has just purchased a new violin stand. This puts her right up there amongst the greatest violinists in the world including, Yehudi Menuhin, Stefane Grappelli and Vanessa Mae who also use violin stands. “It is an honour to now be considered in the same league as these fine violinists, I’m also looking forward to having a designated place where I can put my violin in between songs,” says Miri. The violin stand is said to be top of the line, and was purchased at a local retailer. “It’s a pretty big deal. The guy at the shop told me it was imported from overseas, or something. That in itself is amazing!” The Lonesome Buckwhips report that audiences will be able to see the new violin stand at all of their upcoming performances, however due to the money outlaid for the new purchase, these costs will be passed onto the audience with an increase in ticket prices. “We will be looking at increasing ticket prices by roughly a dollar per ticket,” says fellow band-member and brother Arty, “I know that will be a hard pill to swallow for some fans, but it’s just the nature of the industry. The stand cost between $20 to $25, so that gives you an idea of the expense involved. Tickets will remain at the inflated price until we recoup the costs for this essential item.” When pressed Arty reveals that the price increase may have to last for quite some time.

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