Buckwhip Radio Show - How to tune in

Just thought we'd let you all know that the first episode of our radio show is set to air 3pm Sunday August 2nd on Radio New Zealand. Then the same time for the following three weeks for the next episodes on August 9, 16 and 23.

Here's what some slamming hottie had to say about us in the Listener (which is a magazine). What she writes is probably all true as well:

The Sunday Drama (Radio New Zealand National, 3.04pm). Goodness gracious, it’s local radio comedy! This is how they do it in the UK: test an act on the wireless, and if it works, put them on the telly. It worked for the Mighty Boosh, Ricky Gervais, the Flight of the Conchords – surely the next step for the Lonesome Buckwhips is world domination? But perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves. In the first of a four-part series, we learn the storied background of the Buckwhip family, prison escape and greatly exaggerated death on the high seas included.

We assume the easiest way to tune in for our web friends and international fans would be to listen to the live stream from the Radio New Zealand website at 3pm (NZ time). Or if you have SkyTV you can listen on channel 501. It's also on that weird TV device call Freeview - somewhere?

Alternatively if you own a radio, and would like to make good use of it, you can listen on the following frequencies below: Funnily enough, we have played every single one of these towns. Gary would expressly like to say hello to all the fly honeys in Otematata - he hasn't forgotten you, and he hopes you're listening. Auckland AM 756 and FM 101.4

Hamilton (Heya to my freaks at Founder's Theatre) AM 1143 and FM 101.0

Tauranga AM 819 and FM 101.0

Whakatane FM 101.7

Rotorua AM 1188 and FM 101.5

Taupo FM 101.5 and FM 104.7

Gisborne FM 101.3 and AM 1314

Napier AM 630 and 101.5 FM

New Plymouth AM 918 and 101.2 FM

Wanganui AM 567, FM 101.6

Palmerston North AM 1449 and FM 101.0

Masterton AM 1071, FM 101.5

Kapiti AM 567 and 101.5 FM

Wellington AM 567 and FM 101.3, 104.5

Blenheim AM 567, FM 101.7

Nelson AM 1116 and 101.0 FM

Westport AM 1458

Greymouth FM 101.5

Christchurch AM 675 and FM 101.7

Ashburton FM 101.1

Otematata (Smooches from Gary to those special friends - you know who you are xx) FM 106.7

Timaru AM 918 and 101.1 FM

Wanaka FM 101.0

Queenstown AM 1134, FM 101.6

Alexandra AM 639, FM 101.5

Te Anau FM 101.6

Dunedin AM 810 and FM 101.4

Invercargill AM 720 and FM 101.2

Buckwhips Radio Radio

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Buckwhip Radio Show - How to tune in

Just thought we'd let you all know that the first episode of our radio show is set to air 3pm...


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