The Christmas Album

The Christmas Album

The Lonesome Buckwhips


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The Christmas Album

A sufficient lack of new Christmas carols was the primary motivation behind The Lonesome Buckwhips’ Christmas Album. That and the fact that a band has to be pretty stupid not to have ever released an album to purely take full advantage of the holiday gift-buying season. “Nobody’s been releasing Christmas themed albums lately, and so many albums sell in the week before Christmas because everyone is guilted into buying a gift for someone. If we can cash in on that guilt, then that’s great news for us. Besides, you just can’t keep on buying the same old The Absolute Best Christmas Album in the World… Ever! album for your great Aunty every year. Sure it’s the greatest Christmas album ever, but once she’s got that what else do you get her? She’s already got everything. The year before you bought her that fancy ice-cream scoop, and the year before that you bought her the garlic crusher. Now what? The Lonesome Buckwhips Christmas Album that’s what,” Miri breathes after her rant and takes a sip of water.

The Buckwhips toured high schools, malls and rest homes promoting their upcoming album. Everything was looking positive for The Buckwhips to reap record album sales. Then Benny forgot to get the album pressed in time for Christmas, it was eventually released in March 2005.

Although this album pails in comparison to the compilation, The Absolute Best Christmas Album in the World… Ever! Once you get sick of listening to Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer and the inimitable Cliff Richard’s Mistletoe and Wine, maybe you’ll be keen to hear The Buckwhips’ Santa King of the Jews, or delicate pious hymn, Sleighing Three Hoes in the Name of Saint Nic?

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