Suicide Bathroom

Mount Maunganui

Benny Buckwhip

Released September 2004

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Suicide Bathroom

The Dog Shit Bitches was the second of Benny’s side-projects and this album is renowned for being the darkest, most morbidly fascinating of any Buckwhips release. It arose out of Benny’s lifetime ambition of being in a “serious rock band,” and also temporary dementia after driving his car into a power pole. “At the time I basically wanted to be Nick Cave. Then I thought hold on, I could be better than Nick Cave. Straight away I knew this album would basically be Nick Cave with sex.” Benny then went about employing a bunch of homeless women, who had no musical ability to become part of the band. “I couldn’t afford to pay anyone the minimum wage, it’s $11.50 now! So I decided to employ the cheapest people I knew to be musicians. The homeless,” Benny was quoted. So after a series of make-overs and some lessons in annunciation, The Dog Shit Bitches were able ready to be seen in public.

Benny did a lot of homework studying the old classics so he could feel qualified to write lyrics appropriate for the death rock genre. His major influence at the time was the novelist R. L. Stein’s Goosebumps series. After which Benny suffered numerous episodes of the night terrors, which exacerbated his demented state. Maybe this explains why it is the second biggest selling album in the history of Dunedin album sales in the death rock genre.

The hit songs on this album include Sniff My Razorblade and Suicide Bathroom. Benny explains the former, “I dare anyone to sniff their own razorblade and not be convinced that they have B.O.”

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