Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui

Benny Buckwhip

Released September 2004

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Mount Maunganui

The first of Benny Buckwhip’s solo albums. Benny decided to go his own way on this album after a bitter argument with Arty. The brouhaha arouse after Benny made his standard telephone call to Arty each evening informing him that the green beans were boiled and that he should come over for dinner. However on one fateful evening Arty was not prepared to eat beans as he was in jail, and he and Miri were busy watching Notting Hill (Starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts). Benny was incensed at Arty’s lack of respect. Says Benny, “I was so angry, I wanted to hurt them as much as I could. I realised if I cut my own foot off that would only hurt myself. So that night I got drunk, stumbled out the door of my caravan in Corstorphine, and began walking back to where it all began for the bean, Mount Maunganui.” Mount Maunganui is of course Maori for “Big Mung Mountain.” Benny stayed in Mount Maunganui and worked on the album for a year, denying The Buckwhips’ endless pleads for him to re-join the band.

“It was a great time for me. All I did was live, breathe and eat beans.” Benny’s self-described tribute album to “beans of all ethnicities” features the classic Bean Song, the mournful Ode to the Malnourished Soy Boy, which reached number one in Russia following the potato famine, and the educational Beanut Butter which offers informative and alternative ways one can preserve beans through a catchy mo-town hook.

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