Keep Gary in Prison

Keep Gary in Prison

The Lonesome Buckwhips

Released 2001

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Keep Gary in prison

An ambitious album, that followed closely on the heels of CNTY & WSTN. Of course during this time Gary had again been jailed, this time for home invasion. Arty had fooled Gary into believing that the house Arty had bought on 17 Honeysuckle Terrace was indeed his new home, Arty claimed that he had misplaced the key for the door and gave Gary permission to break in. Upon breaking in it became clear to Gary that this was not Arty’s new house and when the disgruntled occupants began attacking him with a battery powered egg beater and an incredibly volatile Spynx cat (the hairless variety), Gary ran for his poor little life. He was quickly tackled outside by Arty who immediately called the police. Gary was jailed for two years and to Arty’s delight the rest of The Buckwhips went about writing a new album. However after three months, Gary was up for parole.

“We were half through writing the songs for the album when Gary came up for parole. We were doing so well that we were desperate to keep him inside otherwise he’d ruin everything. So we wrote a protest song called Keep Gary in Prison to make sure he had to serve the maximum sentence. We succeeded.”

Other songs written to convince authorities that Gary was a threat to the community include, Gary Enjoys Selling Crack and The Man Who Never Bathed.

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