Harvest of Song

Harvest of Song

Benny B

Unreleased, due 2008

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Harvest of Song

The reason why Benny continues to distance himself from The Buckwhips by producing solo albums at a prolific rate must be concerning for the rest of The Lonesome Buckwhips. This album follows up Benny’s love of gardening, “basically it’s a whole bunch of slow jams and intimate tunes that one can play when they’re doing what they love most, gardening. I believe this is an untapped market, most people listen to the radio whilst gardening. Gardening is a very tactile, visceral experience and here I’ve written some songs where the gardener can actually romance their garden,” says Benny.

The album is due for release in time for spring 2008, and contains the smooth, soulful single Slow Hoeing. “I drew a lot of inspiration from R Kelly and Brian McKnight. If you love gardening, you’ll want to get married to this album. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s legal yet.”

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