Gary - Wonder Child

Gary - Wonder Child

Gary Buckwhip

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Wonder Child

The first ever official album released by a Buckwhip was Gary Buckwhip’s Gary, which he released at the tender age of five. The instant fame the album generated for Gary took its toll as his life spiralled out of control through alcohol, substance abuse, two for one chupa chups, and women. By the time he was seven the outspoken Gary’s charm had faded, after arrogantly claiming he was better than Beethoven, Donny Osmond and all of the Hanson brothers put together, he quickly fell out of favour with his fans. The child prodigy’s star fell from the sky and plummeted through the Earth to the depths of obscure nothingness. One critic claimed, “Gary was like the aids virus, everyone knew he existed but were too embarrassed to acknowledge it.”

The album contains the hit single Bluebird, sung by Gary as a boy soprano. It’s a song about one of Gary’s earliest memories of a bluebird he adopted, that was subsequently murdered by his older brother Benny.

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