Down She Goes

Down She Goes

The Lonesome Buckwhips


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Down She Goes

Released initially as a single and later featured on CNTY & WSTN, a challenge was laid before The Lonesome Buckwhips to write a song to feature on The Inter-Islander Ferry’s upcoming television commercial. Unbeknownst to The Buckwhips, there was in fact no competition, and the TVC opportunity was not up for grabs. The Lonesome Buckwhips’ arch-nemesis The Warratahs had sealed the deal years before with their hit Easy Come, Easy Go (Cruising on the Inter-Islander), Benny had just been reading an old newspaper.

Benny worked hard penning the lyrics, while the rest of the Buckwhips contributed equally to the writing of the music with a chord each. Arty – A minor, Miri – C, Gary – G, and the song was born. The Buckwhips were later disgusted when they assumed their song had been rejected for The Warratahs’ hit.

“The thing about this song, is that the Inter-Islander Ferry Company never apologised for the sinking of The Wahine back in the 1960s. This is our attempt to clear the air and let the ferry-going public breathe easy by saying that ‘yes, a ferry sunk once, but has it happened again? No, because it was a once off.’” Arty continues, “The other positive message echoed in the song is the amount of lives saved, 600 were saved, 50 were lost, so even if another ferry were to sink again then if you’re a passenger you’ve got a good chance for survival.”

The Buckwhips however still remain bitter over their rejection, apart from Gary who has in the past happily joined The Warratahs playing keys for their nationwide tours. Miri’s fury is evident as she pauses to spit between every word she says, “What angers me the most about the Inter-Islander is their refusal to say ‘sorry’ after all these years. They’re worse than John Howard.”

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