Buckwhip Calendar

Buckwhip Calendar

The Lonesome Buckwhips

Released 2003

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Buckwhip Calendar

This is not an album, but a calendar. Designed by the Buckwhips when they were going through a rough patch and unable to write music. As a condition of his release from prison Gary wasn’t allowed to use pens or hold an instrument. Benny felt utterly uninspired due to an atrocious bean season. Whilst Miri was earning huge money getting written into wills from working at a rest home and “was very convincing, so she couldn’t be bothered doing anything else.” Arty couldn’t write music so The Buckwhips decided to make a calendar. “Because so many of our albums were being banned, we also had to do something to get some incoming revenue,” mused Arty.

The calendar features a raunchy photo for every month of the year. “It’s something for the diehard fans who want to enjoy The Buckwhips for more than just their music,” explains Miri. A personal quote from Gary also appears on the back of the calendar:

“It was a pleasure to appear nude in some beautiful, and very tastefully shot images for this calendar. I have done some nude photo-shoots before but this time I feel like more than just an object. It truly is beautiful. Enjoy xx” – Gary Buckwhip

Gary seemed to enjoy the process the most, as the following year he released a calendar that featured only himself, and contained 365 nude images, one for every day of the year. A personal message also appears on this calendar:

“Thank you and congratulations for purchasing my calendar. I hope you enjoy these exquisite images as much as I enjoyed posing in them for you. The first step I recommend is to sit back and relax with your favourite dessert or loved one and just indulge. You deserve it. But be warned: This calendar may make the year go faster than what it actually is. Time flies when time is spent indulging in perfection. Mucho Amore xxooxx.” – Gary Buckwhip

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