Beware the ides of March! Beware the ides of March! That’s some old prophecy about March. So beware! Of what exactly, I do not know, but I’m led to believe the ides are the little things that attack foliage during the month of March. Also, beware of those cabbage moths, because not only do they attack cabbages, they also attack beans. They can even leave little fly egg things called “ides” and I just can’t seem to get rid of them (see pic). My advice, buy some derris dust, powder up those beans. That will prevent the moths landing and eating what is rightfully yours. Here’s a tip. Apply the derris dust early in the morning, when there’s a dew. That way the dust sticks to the foliage (leaves and stuff) better. So don’t be nailing booze the night before or the dew will be gone by the time you shake your hangover. Happy bean farming!

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