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Miri is the only Buckwhip sister, and is the result of an affair between their father Randy, and a woman he met whilst playing a gig at the Corstorphine Golf Club. Technically she is the half sister to the rest of the band, although this doesn’t stop her and Arty from indulging in an intimate relationship.

Miri is also well known for her series of fitness videos, you may recognise her from promoting these videos on daytime TV infomercials. Miri combines traditional Maori dance into cutting edge aerobic routines that are fun, fat burning and high-energy, and contain low and high impact options for those more advanced or those recently up-the-duff, choice. Possibly the biggest selling point is that all the exercises are performed to Buckwhips tunes.

Apart from being in a world famous country band, Miri likes to keep busy working with old people, and holds down numerous jobs at various rest homes where she calls bingo numbers. She is notorious among the old biddies for her unique calling style, so much so that when winter rolls around she pockets substantial windfalls every time the cold gets too much for frailty.

Unlike the rest of the Buckwhips Miri does charge for autographs; and her favourite food is paua or abalone.

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