1995 - 2000

The awards, accolades or moreover, qualifications, kept flowing through the 90s, being kicked out of High School was a blessing in disguise for Benny as he picked up his “Food Handling” Certificate from Otago Polytechnic. This meant that he was now qualified to handle food in cafes and restaurants in the Otago/Southland region.

In 1997 Miri took Salsa lessons, then quit after one class.

In 1998 Gary’s career was re-launched with the boy-band hit Symptoms of Love. Immediately his career was resurrected. Under the guidance of Arty, Gary went about touring High Schools and Malls all over the country. Gary, also known as “The Albino Dreamboat” or simply “White Lightning” was at the peak of his powers. Unfortunately it only lasted two months.

What was known as The Buckwhips first major album was released entitled CNTY & WSTN. Disaster was to strike during the recording of the album as by the time it was completed Miri, Gary and Benny were all serving time in prison. Miri was jailed for fraud after receiving the benefit under 28 different false identities, 29 if you count her own. Gary had a brain explosion one night after seeing the blockbuster film Independence Day, the following week there was a solar eclipse. Gary stole a gun then holed himself up on the roof of the Golden Centre Mall and began firing ammunition into the sky. Initially, he was charged with misuse of a firearm, but then Arty testified against him and Gary was eventually sentenced for attempted murder. In 1999 Benny voted twice in the general election.
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