1984 - 1989

Nine months later in 1985 Miri arrived on the scene. She was dumped in a basket on the door of the Buckwhip caravan high in the hills of Corstorphine. By this stage Fanny was due for release from prison, and she was eager to get out because the Caversham Bulldogs were in the middle of losing streak. Police Sergeant Frank Banks escorted Fanny home as he lived in the caravan next door and had just finished his shift. Fanny arrived home, looked into the cot where Miri was sleeping and realising that Randy had been on the pound while she was locked up, she proceeded to bust up Randy’s face in front of Frank Banks. Banks took Fanny right back to where she had just came from.

In 1988, Randy attempted to resurrect his career, by attempting to exorcise the demons that plagued him ever since “The Incident” in 1979. He was also heart-broken for his one true love Pania, whom he still pined for. Unfortunately, the attempt to resurrect his career was short-lived. He lasted 45 seconds on stage as he again froze, and repeated “The Incident” of 1979. He was never quite the same after that.
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