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The most commercially successful of all The Buckwhips, Gary shot to fame with his schoolboy hit at the tender age of 15. However, his star soon faded and he continues his music career with The Lonesome Buckwhips somewhat reluctantly.

Gary Buckwhip is the youngest and most malnourished member of the Buckwhips and is often simply referred to as “White Lightning” a nickname that was coined during his solo career. He is an avid supporter of the Warratahs and makes no secret of preferring their music to the Buckwhips', much to the pain and torment of his family.

Often Gary is incredibly depressed and has the ability to whinge about any topic that is mentioned. Although these foibles must be excused, as having recently served his country as a peacekeeper on the War on Terror in Kabul, Gary knows what it is to witness the horrors of warfare. He brings this experience to the band, and uses writing sessions as a healing process. Often Gary’s stories of courage in the face of adversity are worth the price of admission in itself. He is not afraid to tearfully recount his harrowing experiences in the hope that his stories may make for a more peaceful world in generations to come.

Gary’s life is made up of many dimensions, a typical day for him involves him being both indoors, and sometimes outdoors.

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