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Whilst not performing with the Buckwhips, Benny enjoys being an alcoholic and a market gardener. His primary focus for being part of band is not for the music, but to push his own home made varieties of Jams and Relishes. Known as Buckwhip Jam, two styles are currently available, Raspberry and Balsamic Jam, and Shit Hot Chilli Relish.

Benny also enjoys a lucrative yet tumultuous career with his side-project the death goth-rock band Benny B and The Dog Shit Bitches, who have release at least one album entitled Suicide Bathroom.

Benny's claim to fame was that he wrote a song that was almost selected for the 'Interislander' ad campaign - but it was rejected. The song is called 'The Wahine was a once off'.

Benny has a rare talent of being able to automatically induce himself into a catatonic state whilst on stage. For Himalayan monks, this can take decades of practise. For Benny all it took was driving his car into a power pylon.

Out of all the Buckwhips, Benny is second best at rugby, and third best at hop scotch.

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